Bathroom Remodel: Grouting Shower Floor


DIY grout tile shower

Let’s see here. When we last left off tiling, we were finishing the bathroom floor. It’s really not a bad week to be working in the bathroom in this gloomy weather. The past week it was so nice outside that we took our cue from the sun and got a head start on yard work. We’ve managed to get the yard cleaned up and fertilized, and some plants planted as well. Just in time for these April showers.

Our Work Style

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “How often do you guys work on the bathroom?” And the answer is, it depends. We work around our schedules and fit it in when we can. We’ve spent a couple solid weekends exclusively on it, but other weekends no time at all. We usually have one or two week nights open where we can spend an hour here and an hour there. We’re definitely excited to wrap up, but not at the expense of our sanity. It’d be nice to shower with fond memories of the process, not as a torture chamber. We don’t wait until we feel like working on it though, either. Instead, we try to keep trucking away and make steady progress, big or small.

DIY Shower Tile Grout

Here’s a little video of Joe grouting the floor. The general rule of thumb is to choose a grout a shade or two darker than your tile. This pewter grout did just the trick for us. So once you’ve tiled your surface, grouting is the next step:

Simple Steps for DIY Tile Grouting

  1. Choose your grout color
  2. Mix your grout, or buy premixed grout
  3. Apply with a grout float in a diagonal direction a couple times
  4. Let setup and dry partially for 15-30 mins
  5. Wipe off the excess with clean, damp sponge
  6. Repeat
  7. Let dry
  8. Seal your tile 

You can do this! It’s really not the hardest thing in the world. What’s worse is redoing old grout, which I know we will have to tackle some day. Dreading that day… But if you choose a darker grout, your floors will look better for longer.

Tips: Spread your grout evenly over the tile and get it in all the cracks. Make sure you get it flush up to the tile surface. Have a water bucket handy to keep your sponge clean as you go along. Don’t let the sponge be soaking wet, just damp.


DIY shower tile

Looking sharp 😉

tiled shower slope

The tiled slope turned out really nice as well.

chinchilla in shower

We even have our first visitor.

chinchilla in shower

I guess she doesn’t want a shower. Just dust baths for this little one.

Next, we’ll show you how we tile the shower walls and grout those too!

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