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Time for Ideas

It’s never too early to start thinking about the finishing touches, right? But honestly, we need to start ordering what we want, so we need to decide on styles we like. We’ve picked out most of our tile, so that’s all taken care of. The hardware is taking its cues from the tile color. For the bathroom entrance, I’m in charge. For all things shower, Joe’s the man.

I know what I like for the bathroom, in a nutshell: I’m thinking dark wood. I like a modern vanity with a white sink and countertop. With bronze hardware.


Think of these as my inspiration. I like elements from each one, but I’m sure we can find a better deal than many of these options.


modern bathroom floating vanity white sink and countertop

This floating vanity is nice. Found here

bathroom vanity double sinks on counter

I dig these square sinks, but Joe says they would be hard to clean around. Found here

Modern Bathroom vanity double white sinks

Dual sinks would be nice, but definitely not necessary for a secondary bathroom. Although I do love them individually. Found here

modern bathroom vanity white sink with storage

Now we’re getting warmer. This looks like a perfect little option. Found here

Modern bathroom vanity white sink stainless steel

My favorite yet! Look at all the storage. And the little farmhouse-style sink melts my heart. Found here

Menards vanity

So after taking my style into consideration, I looked up some discount options that were similar, and found this one at Menards for a few hundred. Home Depot also has a similar model. It would be fun to try to make our own though! Currently we have a super small pedestal sink – we may be able to repurpose parts of it. Could be a little project for us. Only time will tell.
Found here

Sink Hardware

Like I said, I think I know what I want for sink hardware, but here are Joe’s ideas.
Bathroom sink hardware LED

This could actually be very cool if it was in bronze. Strong option!
Found here

Bathroom sink copper hardware

This one is so neat! It looks like copper, so probably a no-go. Also, not sure we need all those bells and whistles. Found here

intricate bathroom vanity sink

This is a definite No. This is just weird to me. Found here

chrome bathroom sink vanity hardware LED

We might go with a style like this, just not in stainless steel or chrome.
Found here

Shower Hardware

Joe on the other hand, is all about stainless steel and chrome. The shower will have lighter tile, so the glass and silver will tie in nicely.

cheap shower rain head

Dual or single shower heads?… That is the question. He’s definitely into the rainshower heads, similar to the old shower, but we’re thinking we’ll try square this time around. Found here

Square shower head body jets sprayer

This one is like an all inclusive resort package: Body jets, shower head and sprayer all included for one low price. But is it too good to be true? Found here

shower body sprayer

Joe’s also been gravitating toward the waterfall style shower heads. I’m not sure how practical they are, but they do look fun and would match the sink style. Found here

steam shower sprayer square

Last but not least, this crazy mist thing with a bunch of jets. This would probably be Joe’s dream shower head. Just add some LED lights and he’s in heaven. Found here

What We Know for Sure

So let’s wrap this up. We want dark wood, bronze and white in the main bathroom. We want stainless steel or chrome for the shower with light tile. Modern for both spaces. And the body sprayer is a must – It’s the lower-level bathroom and first pitstop for people coming in from the backyard walkout (or walk-in). Coming in from the outside and washing dirty feet is a non-negotiable.

The rest is still coming together, so send over any bathroom inspiration you may have for us!

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