Old House Tour


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Old House, New Owners

Well here’s a blast from the past! A friend of ours who is house hunting stumbled upon this little property. Look familiar? Fun to see what they changed and what they left the same.

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Hardware: Modern Bathroom Vanity, Sink & Shower Ideas


Bathroom Hardware Header


Time for Ideas

It’s never too early to start thinking about the finishing touches, right? But honestly, we need to start ordering what we want, so we need to decide on styles we like. We’ve picked out most of our tile, so that’s all taken care of. The hardware is taking its cues from the tile color. For the bathroom entrance, I’m in charge. For all things shower, Joe’s the man.

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A Shelf Shelter



Some people bring home stray pets.

Others bring home stray shelves… Wait, what? Only my boyfriend, apparently. Now that I think about it, there are many refurbished pieces of furniture around the house. I wish I had taken pictures of all our shelves, but here are the latest and greatest.

Moral of the story

There are plenty of unwanted shelves out there, so rescue one from your local goodwill or salvation army today. We have fostered quite a few in recent months, and it all started with this one:

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