Total Transformation


Under Construction

It’s been a whirlwind week! From finding a dream house to making an offer. Having the offer accepted to putting Joe’s house on the market… Wow. There was so much work put into his house, I can’t even believe it all started only one week ago. All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone who came over to move a truckload of boxes, shampoo the carpet, paint a room or jump on deep clean duty. We would have never been able to make that kind of progress alone. You were unconditionally there for us when we needed you.

Pulling Back the Curtain

shower curtain

It’s a totally transformed house. We are already looking back and laughing about how we were living in a construction zone less than one week ago. Kind of. Too soon for our sore bodies? Nonetheless, let’s take a walk down memory lane. It was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Before we knew what was in store, we wanted to clean up the living room. Mainly the ceiling and walls.


poker table mess

Joe is getting quite good at this knockdown ceiling texture thing.

spraying knockdown ceiling

We had an ice dam leak a couple years ago, so the sheetrock had a little bowing. Although it was fixed, you could see the flaws in the ceiling. This camouflaged it quite nicely! Joe found that if he puttied the ceiling and gradually tapered over the seam, he could disguise it. Sanding it to perfection.


knockdown ceiling sprayer

We managed to knock that out in one day.

knockdown ceiling how-to

Then, we had the walls to address. I’m speaking to you, Orange Wall. Yes you.

patching wall

Time to go.

plastic for knockdown

Plenty of plasticking, patching and priming.

patching and priming walls

Bye Bye, surfboard! Even the accent orange had to go. We also invaded the entryway.

fixing walls

I guess the kitchen floor is the new kitchen table for awhile.

popcorn knockdown

I think this picture sums it up!

knockdown ceiling texture

“If I fix one more wall…”


…Little did we know, there would be many more walls to paint.

painting walls for house staging

We picked up a bunch of supplies. That swatch is what we chose for a nice neutral.

painting walls for house staging

Never have we ever bought a 5 GALLON bucket of paint!

choosing colors painting walls for house staging

Our first color choice actually looked a little pink on the wall.

choosing color for house staging

So, back she went to the store. Hang on little buddy!

color for selling house

Our second choice was much better! Almond Brittle by Pittsburg. Paint + Primer.

best neutral colors for walls

I thought I’d be sick of Almond Brittle by now, but I’m actually not! I love this color. Even though I still find it in my hair and under my fingernails. Since we were in a rush to paint, we just looked up tips on our own for choosing the right paint for staging.

Fun Fact: Eggshell is best. Although it gets dirty the quickest, it hides brush strokes the best, as opposed to a gloss or stain finish. The lighter the color, the larger a space will appear. Never paint walls white. Tan colors are the best, and we ended on this warm taupe color to feel inviting. We did have a staging lady come by after we painted; she seemed satisfied. We were not about to redo all that.


staging house cookbook

I’ll have to post some post-constructions photos and show you around. Until then, I’ll leave you with this one.

What are your staging tips?

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