July Updates


Goodbye July

Hello August

July has been fun, but August looks just as bright! This week we’ve got some legitimate updates, some random things, and some cute things… So let’s just dive right into them, in that order.


I’ve purchased a lovely new plant. The YMCA was selling them for charity, so I picked it up for $10. I seem to do ok with tropical plants, and nothing else.

Sago Palm

It’s called a Sago Palm and is not really a true palm at all! It’s doing well so far. (2 weeks)

Sago Palm care

I’ve already repotted it. It’s supposed to be pretty hearty and low maintenance. If you have tips, please share ’em! It is poisonous to dogs, so let’s keep it off the floor for Shila’s health.


I had an itch to get a new bed spread.

bed ideas

Here’s the beautiful display.

new bedding

Mine didn’t quite look like that, but I’m still happy with it!

bedroom inspiration


wake surfing

Wake Surfing is Joe’s latest obsession.

wake surf board

Everyone’s gotten pretty good in a few short weeks!

how to wake surf

This happened one day on the lake. Joe saw a guy doing tricks and they invited the boys onto their boat.


Unfortunately, Steve’s truck broke down again. On this birthday of all days 🙁

ladder handstand boat tricks

So Joe and Steve have been working on fixing it quite a bit this week. Still a work in progress.

fixing a truck

But hey, they get to be carpool buddies for awhile and hang out in the mornings.


My cousin Brandon is quite the little lacrosse player!

Carpentry Contractors Co

So glad I finally got a chance so watch him play.

lacrosse kids

Will he choose hockey over lacrosse? Or dominate both? Only time will tell.



Shila likes snacking on Joe’s hair like it’s cotton candy.

pitbull love cute

Wasn’t me!


We are off to go camping this weekend for some adventures with Joe’s family and about 50 others.

camping snacks

I’ll be packing all night at the looks of it!

camping weekend

Hoping for a weekend of blue skies and water.

Anyone else camping this summer?

PS – Pam, if you’re reading this, we are either coming to visit you possibly tonight or next Weds or Thurs. We are looking forward to it so you better be too!!

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