Shower in the Rain


singin' in the rain shower

“It’s like being under a waterfall in your bathroom!”

That’s what our new best friend at Menards said when he helped us with this project. He had a cool blue tape measure so we knew he was a good guy. Here’s what we walked in with – straight out of Joe’s head.

original shower drawingPerfectly clear, right?

We were a little unsure how to do it, but knew dual shower heads would really open up the whole space. It involved a lot of piping and connectors.

Fun fact: I learned that gas piping is black, and we needed galvanized steel pipes. That could have been a pretty bad mistake on my part.

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Remove shower head

Step 1: Remove shower head


Insert 1/2 inch 90 degree elbow connectors and move up to desired height


Measure the height of shower heads and people heads and keep piping!


Attach shower heads to connector nipples and seal threads with Blue Monster liquid pipe sealant.


Anchor to wall, and enjoy!

Ta dah! We picked up two Delta shower heads and painted the piping with a Rustoleum spray paint, hammered bronze, to match the rest of the hardware in the bathroom. It has a rustic look that we dig.

And yup, it feels like standing in the rain.

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