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Detour Ahead

I think this post is actually my New Year’s Resolution coming together. I like to take my time with these things. ūüôā “Celebrate” is definitely my word for 2015.

Let’s take a step back for a second. We live in such a crazy world at a crazy pace that we rarely¬†celebrate our accomplishments along the way. Who has the time to stop and celebrate? If you’re like me,¬†you’re probably your own biggest critic. I don’t¬†take time to sit back and look at all the things that have gone right. Always looking forward, I¬†find myself¬†cruising right through the good stuff.

My initial thoughts around my New Year’s Resolutions were this: To not be so hard on myself and others. To give myself a little grace. And by extension, others around me. I think that resolution has expanded a little bit…

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Mulch Madness


yard mulch


Like Scottie Pippen. I don’t know what’s up with the hoops references; we just finished softball. (My team lost first round in single elimination¬†playoffs last night. Meanwhile my brother’s team took the championship in his league — Way to go!)

baseball tournament

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