Neighbor’s Shower + Updates


DIY shower tile

Ahh, it seems like only yesterday we were two youngsters on a mission to renovate our basement bathroom, knocking out walls and digging plumbing. Almost two years ago already. Joe is reliving the good ol’ days, using his experience to help a friend with a similar shower. I guess you know who to call for any shower projects from now on!

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Shower Pan Part 2: Lining and Final Pour


pouring a shower pan


Insane in the Membrane

The shower “membrane”, that is. After your shower pre-slope is fully dried— you waited 48 hours, right?— you can place the shower liner in and do your final pour of shower mix (sand and cement mixture). Then it’s smooth sailing. Honestly, don’t skip the pre-slope! Without it, your water will sit and mold will grow below your shower’s surface. Ewww, nobody’s got time for that.
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Ring of Fire: Building a Bonfire Pit


how to build a bonfire pit


How to Build a Bonfire Pit

One of the second things Joe wanted to do after moving in was build a backyard fire pit. It was one of the easiest projects to date, and took less than a day! We love the bonfire pit kits – I know it’s not 100% DIY, but there is still plenty of elbow grease that goes into this.

Here were the steps:

  1. Collect the materials
  2. Build a perimeter around the area to fill with sand
  3. Build a fire pit in the middle
  4. Fill the area with sand
  5. Enjoy bonfires

Simple enough, right?

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