Ice Shack: Part 1


DIY ice shack house lake ice fishing permanent woodworking benches auto CAD software

Ice Fishing House

There are only a few glorious weeks of good ice where we bundle up and travel into the magical no-man’s land that is a frozen lake. Drop a line down a hole and sit around with your palls in the frozen tundra. Ahh January in Minnesota: it’s officially ice fishing season.

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Winter Fun 2015


winter st. paul Minnesota

All things considered, I think it’s been a pretty fun and eventful winter so far! I’m 100% happy with being in MN for the season. (I’ll get back to you around March). I’m equally thankful we don’t live on the east coast right now! So Minnesota isn’t really so bad. In fact, MN is the best kept secret in the US. This article pretty much sums up what we already know.

Anyway, we’ve been out and about these last couple weekends exploring MN and WI and have many adventures to share.


Joe won an all-inclusive, luxury one night stay at his company fish house on Lake Mille Lacs last Friday, so we figured we better use it or lose it 🙂

ice fishing Minnesota
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