Movie Room REVEAL


movie room reveal header


Movie Room Remodel Reveal

It’s official! We’re finished with the movie room. Or at least, finished for now. Truth be told, most of the work was done towards the end of last year, but all the finishing touches took some time. Instead of posting a play-by-play like we did with the big bathroom remodel, this time around we thought it would be fun to do one big reveal.

enter movie room

Enter if you dare.

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Concrete Jungle


Concrete Slab

It’s a Jungle Out There

And by out there, I mean in the back yard. Hey life is what you make it – maybe it’s just a simple pile of hardened dirt, but it’s pretty darn exciting to us. The yard is really coming together! And you may even notice a new addition out there…

This task involved a lot of 2×4’s, H₂O and this:

DIY concrete slab

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Operation: Desk Ergonomic













Results Are In

I officially love my desk post-modifications. As a lot of you big kids know, sitting at the office 8+ hours each day can have a serious effect on your posture. I make a major effort to take stretch breaks and walkabouts. But when the bulk of time is spent in your chair, arms at the keyboard, eyes facing the monitor, that’s not enough. So think about how important your seating position is — at the end of the day it’s going to make a difference. For those of us who have next and shoulder trouble already, it’s especially important. I ordered a laptop stand that you see in the picture above, but it just wasn’t cutting it. So I had to take matters into my own hands.

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