Less or More for Christmas?


Christmas 2017 header mantle

That is the Question

Some years we go a little overboard. Other years we keep it simple. I enjoy all forms of holiday cheer, but this year is quite a different one for us.

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Up Northmas


Walking in a winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Wow, what an excellent weekend we had away from everything. Joe’s family treated us to a few days up north at a cabin. We really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks again for such a great time 🙂 We’ll remember it forever. And we practically were the only people there!

The Rooms

upnorthmas cabin Nisswa Minnesota

We were digging the lofted ceiling and fireplace. So homey! Everything was beautiful.

bedroom cabin Nisswa MN
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Christmas cookies

First Christmas Cookie Blitz

Alright, new life skill acquired! Earned the Cookie Badge. I feel like I’m in Girl Scouts again. Except when you grow up, you actually have to bake, and don’t make any money. Now that I think about it, buying Thin Mints is so much easier…

But it’s the Experience

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