Bathroom Remodel Job: Mood Board


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Midcentury Mod Bathroom Ideas

Joe and I are working together for the first time (outside our own house) on a bathroom remodel. He’s done a handful of bathroom projects now, so I thought I’d lend a hand and get in on the action. He affectionately refers to me as his Project Manager. Which has quickly escalated to havingĀ allllĀ the design ideas.

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Guest Bathroom: From Popcorn to Knockdown


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Popcorn vs Knockdown

Are you like Joe and hate popcorn ceiling with a passion? It never bothered me much, until I realized how many alternatives are out there! Joe has always wanted to try doing a knockdown ceiling treatment, so we decided to pick a sample room and try our hand. Since Steve’s bathroom is basically unoccupied now, we figured it was the perfect small space for a test run!

The Supplies

You’ll need to buy a few things before attempting this yourself.

how to DIY knockdown ceiling supplies
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