Bathroom Remodel: Hardware Details


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DIY Bathroom Hardware

There were a lot of little choices we made throughout the process of renovating our basement bathroom. Those little choices can add up to made a big difference in the overall feel of a room. Nothing about them are make or break, but they definitely make the whole space feel uniform and tied together. I always love hearing the stories behind other people’s design choices, so I hope you get some value out of this when deciding which finishing touches to add to your own room! The details are my favorite.

light switch



We both really liked the oil rubbed bronze look that we had in the old house, so we wanted to continue that over to this bathroom. Luckily, we found a three-banger face plate in this finish for the lights.

Dimmer switches are super nice to have: One for the shower, one for the main bathroom. And the timer on the left is for the exhaust fan. Also really nice to set and forget after a steam shower.

bronze lightingI found these round face plates for our can lights that match as well. They were around $10 apiece and magnetically snap onto any can light fixture. They’re easily interchangeable since they just snap into place. Winning idea in my book!

Hooks & Handles

anchor hook on back of door

We chose this anchor hook for the back of the door because it’s awesome! Need we explain more?


cabinet hardware handles

I found these cool knobs at Target in the clearance section on a whim and decided I liked them. They match the glow stones in the shower and add a little sparkle. It’s a decidedly “handsome” bathroom in general, so it needed something a little more feminine and soft to complement all the hard angles.

target hardware$5.08. Can’t go wrong there. And the bronze matches the rest of the hardware. P.S. Did you know this Target trick about clearance tags? Game changer.

bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom vanity has its own story. We were deciding between a few different styles, and this is not normally a finish I’d choose, but we really love it. We found it on Craigslist for a steal: about $150. Someone had ordered this custom cut only to realize it was too big for his bathroom. Brand new. 36″ was the size we were looking for, although seeming a little big, it turned out to fit perfectly.

I originally planned to whitewash it and whitewash all the wood in the room, but it matched my wall art and we decided it was perfect just the way it was. It really warms up the otherwise neutral color pallet, and brightens up the space.

sink Lowes

Bathroom Sink

The sink style was something I was set on. Something clean, modern, white, unpretentious. Joe on the other hand, wanted some crazy sparkly stone sink. I convinced him to let this area be simple and crisp. And the price was very reasonable; something like a couple hundred at Lowe’s. This was an area we knew would cushion our budget as well.


We both love the sink. We bought a bronze waterfall faucet at Menards for, I believe, $75.


I still want to try making a custom vanity/sink some day. Here’s a really cool one I spotted at Junk Bonanza. It doesn’t seem that difficult. Make it out of just about anything. Some day, some day.



Towel Racks

I was pretty proud of this Aldi find: 6 pieces for $15. It included towel rack, hand towel ring, toilet paper holder, and a few hooks. Joe convinced me this was not such a great buy and we only ended up using the toilet paper holder and hand towel ring. Definitely invest in quality when you are using heavy towels on a daily basis. Some hardware is just not built to hold up.

install tp handle

Way too proud of myself here seeing as this took a few hours to install.

toilet paper handle So proud of my handiwork. haha.

shower squugy

Odds ‘n’ Ends

I picked up this squeegy ($5) and this soap dispenser($11) at Target as well.


Here’s a closeup of our favorite sink faucet.

Shower Fixtures/Hardware

shower full hardware

Here’s the shower hardware. We ended up paying $300 for this whole setup and bought it from Ebay.


handheld shower gadget

Here’s the chrome hand sprayer.

shower jet

Here’s one of seven side jets.

rain head

And the main rain head.

Bathroom Décor and Inspiration


Here is our inspiration for the room.

All in a Day Winter’s Work

Hope you had fun reading through our design choices! Like a good trip, we tried not getting too attached to how everything “should” go. We changed our minds many times and let the room naturally evolve and take shape. It was an incredible process and we really enjoyed the journey. We had many different ideas about the direction we wanted to take, but the end result is better than anything we could have planned. It’s so much fun layering in parts of a new room. This bathroom was no exception.

I’m still playing with the idea of adding a chair to the corner. And we might frost the shower glass yet. If we ever want to change the colors of the wood and/or artwork, those will be relatively easy swaps. Same with most of the hardware. It’s all about the details!


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