Bathroom Demo | Phase 3: Ceiling and Duct Work


Bathroom remodel phase 3


Blue Side

Strong side! We finally made it to the other side of the wall. The brown side is getting pretty old, so I’m glad to be on the blue side for awhile. We’re definitely tired of looking at that brown/tan paint! Can’t wait to pick out some new colors.

But first, we need to see where we can add the new shower. We have no idea what’s behind these walls or in the ceiling tiles, so we need to scope out the situation before we can make any firm decisions as to where things go. Joe’s going to walk you through taking off the old closet door trim, and share what he’s looking for.

You know when Joe’s blasting some Usher it’s going to be a good day 🙂

Notice where we sawed through the wall already? That’s where the old shower was on the other side (Unaffectionately referring to it as brown side). The location for the new shower will be right in that storage closet. It used to have a door, but I ripped that off on move-in day because it was in the way. You can see the small shelves at the beginning of the video. We mostly stored random cleaning supplies to the right, and the chinchillas were in that closet too. Both can be relocated, no problem.


This is so gross, but it had to be done. You would be surprised what the inside of your vents look like…

We discovered a few things in there. We had a vent that was just wasting hot air and wasn’t going anywhere, so there’s an opportunity to be more energy efficient. We also need to reroute some air to heat the living room. Because we’ll be taking this space for the shower, the vent will have to change direction.


air duct before



air duct removal


air duct after

We’ll need to reroute that vent to the hallway, since this room will be the new shower.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

These are an office staple, along with florescent lighting. So 1980’s. They’re useful for the fact that you can pop one up to look into the ceiling, but they’re definitely dated and they can collect dust and even mold. All feelings about drop ceilings aside, we needed to clear this area.


After checking out the area, we’ve made some logistical choices. Since there are two vents in the way, we won’t want to jimmy the plumbing in there with these already-low ceilings. Where Joe took out tile is where the new shower head will be. We can tap into this area, having a nice high ceiling in this section of the shower.

The final wall demolition is next, then we’ll play with a jackhammer.