Movie Room REVEAL


movie room reveal header


Movie Room Remodel Reveal

It’s official! We’re finished with the movie room. Or at least, finished for now. Truth be told, most of the work was done towards the end of last year, but all the finishing touches took some time. Instead of posting a play-by-play like we did with the big bathroom remodel, this time around we thought it would be fun to do one big reveal.

enter movie room

Enter if you dare.

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DIY Reclaimed Wood Signs


DIY wood signs

Craft Show Collection

I started making a few signs, not thinking too much about them, for my personal stash. Then not too long ago I noticed a craft show needing vendors, so I thought, “Why not sign up?” Honestly, it was an impulsive move, but I’m kinda obsessed now and I’m super excited to finish putting my collection together. I have until late November to round up the rest of my ideas, but it’s great to have a goal with a deadline to get me in the craft zone. It’ll be the perfect time for holiday gifts. Nothing like a little personal (and now public) accountability to make it happen. Here are just a few of the signs I’ve finished already.

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