Installing Ceiling Beams


DIY hollow wood beams installation header

Ceiling Beam Installation

We deciding faux barn beams were the way to go for our particular situation. I hope you caught the first post where we catalogued the whole process of making and weathering our beams. In case you missed it, we joined together three boards to look like one solid beam. However, it’s hollow in order to encase the retractable movie screen. After building them, bashing them and staining them, we’re ready to install them. It’s time to get these puppies onto the ceiling!

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A Shelf Shelter



Some people bring home stray pets.

Others bring home stray shelves… Wait, what? Only my boyfriend, apparently. Now that I think about it, there are many refurbished pieces of furniture around the house. I wish I had taken pictures of all our shelves, but here are the latest and greatest.

Moral of the story

There are plenty of unwanted shelves out there, so rescue one from your local goodwill or salvation army today. We have fostered quite a few in recent months, and it all started with this one:

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Fall on the Wall



T-minus 1 week

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I’m happy to report that it’s looking fall festive in here. Does that shade of orange energize you? Agitate you? Make your insides scream?

All of the above?

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