Tornado Update: Assessing the Damage


storm damage progress header

July and August have been a little crazy, to say the least. Here’s a little update to where we are in assessing the storm damage and moving forward with repairs.

Things might look bad, but really it’s nothing compared to the hurricane damage people in Texas are experiencing, so we’re counting our blessings. If you have the means to support them financially or give blood, just do a quick google search for the best organizations to provide relief.

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Plant Grant | Part 2


plant grant header

Front Yard Landscaping Continued

My trees are all abloom! This is proving to be the perfect low-maintenance tree I’d hoped for back when we planted all three of them in August. These dainty white flowers are just poking their heads out. I’m so relieved they survived their first Minnesota winter, albeit a mild one. There’s a one year warranty in case they didn’t, but the fact that I didn’t need to use it gives this brown thumb a vote of confidence.

juneberry tree in bloom

But wait, there’s more. With the $500 free plant grant, we had some extra spending money left after buying our trees, so we went wild and got some flowers and plants too!

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Signs #5



DIY Reclaimed Wood Signs

I promise we’ll stop with the signs after Christmas, but for now we’re in full craft mode. And we’ve got plenty of basement movie room updates on the way, so hang tight.

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Bathroom Demo | Phase 2


Bathroom Remodel Phase 2

Bathroom Background

Let’s back up a little and talk about this bathroom remodel. If you missed the first video, pop over to that and come back here when you’re done watching. Here’s a little intro of us getting hyped up to start, and me swinging a sledge hammer for the first time! Awww, my first (intentional) hole in the wall.

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House Crush


house crush white modern DIY


Joe worked on a house a few months ago, in Stillwater MN, and we were invited to their open house for the grand reveal. It was such a beautiful place! And some of the nicest people ever. Joe did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work: installed a new furnace, reworked some dryer vents, fresh air intake, moved some duck work and some other small fixes. This house was redone from head to toe, and was stunning when it was all finished!

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A Zamboni for Pond Hockey


…Or lake hockey.

DIY zamboni

Right after the first snowfall Joe was looking for deals on hockey nets. And it’s about time we got some snow! Everyone has been waiting on edge to get out there.

We have a pretty slick four-wheeler plow attached to the front Joe’s dad’s four-wheeler that we use to shovel the driveway. Wayyy faster than snowblowing. So we used that to shovel off an oval-shaped area for the rink on the lake, just offshore.

But when Joe told me he was making a zamboni, I honestly thought the idea was one big joke. He’s not actually serious, right? Silly me. I should know better by now… He already had the blueprints in his mind within minutes. So, now we have a redneck ice resurfacer.

The Supplies

It only took him 4 hours. Here’s the materials you will probably need:

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Big News Tues


Dear Friends we are moving


Yep. We are dreaming big and relocating. The idea has been brewing for a year or so, and the planning has happened behind the scenes. But everything kind of came together in the last few days, so no matter how much planning you do, you can never be 100% ready for any big decision in life. That’s what I’m telling myself at least!  We put in an offer. And they accepted. Contingent upon Joe’s current house selling. Cross your fingers!


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela


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