Movie Room REVEAL


movie room reveal header


Movie Room Remodel Reveal

It’s official! We’re finished with the movie room. Or at least, finished for now. Truth be told, most of the work was done towards the end of last year, but all the finishing touches took some time. Instead of posting a play-by-play like we did with the big bathroom remodel, this time around we thought it would be fun to do one big reveal.

enter movie room

Enter if you dare.

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Installing Ceiling Beams


DIY hollow wood beams installation header

Ceiling Beam Installation

We deciding faux barn beams were the way to go for our particular situation. I hope you caught the first post where we catalogued the whole process of making and weathering our beams. In case you missed it, we joined together three boards to look like one solid beam. However, it’s hollow in order to encase the retractable movie screen. After building them, bashing them and staining them, we’re ready to install them. It’s time to get these puppies onto the ceiling!

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House Crush


house crush white modern DIY


Joe worked on a house a few months ago, in Stillwater MN, and we were invited to their open house for the grand reveal. It was such a beautiful place! And some of the nicest people ever. Joe did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work: installed a new furnace, reworked some dryer vents, fresh air intake, moved some duck work and some other small fixes. This house was redone from head to toe, and was stunning when it was all finished!

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Sun Room


new room love header image

Surf, Sand and Sun

Two out of three ain’t so bad for a Minnesota winter. We’re still pretty sad that Steve and Shila Bear moved out, but on the bright side, there’s a new room in Joe’s house. What was once a porch addition, because a four-season bedroom. Now it’s restored to a four-season porch! Or “sun room” as we’ve been affectionately calling it.

sun room photo

Come take a peek inside!

sun room renovation
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Movie Room Roundup


movie room updates

Little Updates, Big Difference

Well this room has certainly come a long way since it was here:

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Door Progress 2


doors, floors and hardware stores

Building Up to the Build Out

Alright, so we’ve built a door, now what? This project is still on the ground, so what do ya say we get this thing up in the air where it belongs? But, we can’t hang this up quite yet. We added some finishing touches as well as attached the hardware to the door. Start here to get all the step-by-step instructions. And here for the finished product.

Steve and Joe had just finished sawing off the extras where we left off:

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Door Progress


building a door DIY barn door wood bamboo sliding barn door


Movie Room Teaser

We can’t reveal the whole door all at once! Need to keep the theatrical suspense and drama going. For theme’s sake… We officially finished everything just last night, and got to christen in the movie room with all the roommates. Unfortunately it was late and dark, so Joe’s taking some better “after” photos today. If the rain lets up we may even get graced with a hint of natural light. Start here for the beginning of our door, and here for the finished product.

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