DIY Fire Pit Seating


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DIY Bonfire Pit Stool Cushions

We always run into this problem of not having enough seating around the bonfire. We have a handful of beach chairs on hand, but when we have an impromptu fire night, we’re left scrambling. I think I stumbled on the perfect solution. And they are actually comfortable! I plan to make a whole bunch more.

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Pinecone Fire Starters


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DIY Wax Pinecone Fire Starters

It’s not too late to make some super easy stocking stuffers. Or really, they work for any time of the year. If you have a wood burning fireplace, they’re great for winter. If you have an outdoor fire pit, you can use them in the summer and fall to get the bonfire going. Either way, let’s say you need an easy and inexpensive gift idea for someone who likes to have a fire. This DIY is for you.

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Bonfire Cupcakes



If you have a summer/fall party to go to, or just can’t resist baking something, this easy campfire cupcake recipe is really fun. It takes about an hour and gets 10 points for the cuteness factor. Plus, my sweet tooth just can’t say no to those chocolate creme filled wafers. Yum!



Here’s the backstory. 
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Ring of Fire: Building a Bonfire Pit


how to build a bonfire pit


How to Build a Bonfire Pit

One of the second things Joe wanted to do after moving in was build a backyard fire pit. It was one of the easiest projects to date, and took less than a day! We love the bonfire pit kits – I know it’s not 100% DIY, but there is still plenty of elbow grease that goes into this.

Here were the steps:

  1. Collect the materials
  2. Build a perimeter around the area to fill with sand
  3. Build a fire pit in the middle
  4. Fill the area with sand
  5. Enjoy bonfires

Simple enough, right?

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backyard cleanup

Putting the Yard to Work

At last! You may remember that we put in irrigation a couple months back. And we did reseed the back lawn as well. But that’s about it. It already looks better, but was in a pretty sad state. We always brainstorm such great plans for the back, but they never seem to come to fruition. The back is primarily the hangout for bonfires, hammock nights, and the bunnies’ playground. Yard work is now underway! (I know, I know. Summer’s almost over. shhhh. Don’t tell the lawn.)

backyard clean up

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