Hearts for Ma Valentines



Valentines Day Cookie

It’s that time of year again. Any excuse to bake cookies is good enough for me! I don’t know why this holiday has grown on me so, but it has. Probably because of the aforementioned baking opportunity… So my mission this year was to give cookies to everyone.

Cookies for Everyone

I think the best way to spend the day is home cooking a meal together with your sweetheart. At least from my experience, but more power to you if you want to go out on the town. Here’s a throwback from a few years ago, when we made pho soup and fondu. Yummm.

I wish you could taste some cookies too, but these photos will just have to do.

cookie cutter hearts

Bake fest is on!

cookie cutter hearts frosting

Here’s a few of them. Lora made all the adorable ones.

cookie cutter hearts frostingIt’s cute, don’t be mad!

cookie toppings

I stockpiled plenty of red and pink extras over the years.

cookie cutter hearts frosting

So pinterestable <3

cookie cutter hearts frosting

Here’s some wacky tie died ones.

heart cookies

We’re on our way out to watch the neighbor boys’ basketball game right now and they requested a batch for their team for the last game of the season. Ahhh, so sweet.

Valentine's Day candy

Topped with suckers and red treats.

DIY heart cookies

And we experimented with sticking some sweethearts on them. It actually works really well.

DIY Valentine's Day cookies

We gave them all away. Annnd saved a couple for the roommates – Joe and Michael.

personalized sugar cookies

Do you have any special recipes for Valentine’s Day?

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