Decking the Halls


deck the halls

Decorating for a Cozy Christmas

Something about baking, putting up lights, wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music just puts me in the most relaxed mood. I love seeing everyone slowly settle into the season’s comforts. I’m all about adding layers of decorations, day by day. And I love seeing everyone’s Christmas lights – new ones seem to spring up every night! It’s a month-long celebration and we’re right in the middle of it.

Christmas snow Minnesota

Remember that day we got snow? Sigh.

Minnesota snow Christmas

That sure was pretty. It took me 2.5 hours getting into work that Monday morning, but it was beautiful.

window lighting

I have a fascination with lighting, and my philosophy is the more the better. Joe’s philosophy is saving energy, so… we’re working on compromising.

Christmas tree abominable snowman tree topper Rudolph

Putting up our Christmas tree in our first house together will be a great memory 🙂 It’s funny, when you’re a kid, Christmas tree ornaments are the furthest thing from exciting. They’re on par with unwrapping socks. But now that I’m older, I looove all the different sparkly things on the tree.

Christmas tree abominable snowman tree topper Rudolph

And we love our tree topper. Bumble Christmas Rumble. It’s going down.

Christmas decor snowman pinecones

I like to keep things organized still, ya know.

Christmas decor snowman pinecones

I’m glad I saved all these glittery pinecones from Thanksgiving. Spray paint for the win!

Christmas snowmen hutch curio

There is no surface that remains untouched by snowmen, glitter, santas, or some other decoration.

Christmas tree gifts presents

I’m now taking gift wrapping orders, so please feel free to send your presents to Leah and Joe’s workshop. I’ll charge $10 an hour and do it all day every day. Yes please!
Christmas tree gifts presents

I think we need to do some post-Christmas sale artificial tree shopping. This guy is getting old, bald and patchy.


Christmas tree gifts presents

But we love it all the same.


Christmas stocking crochet Joseph mantle fireplace lights

This gem fits perfectly on the mantle. I want one! I’m in need of a stocking.

Christmas stocking crochet Joseph mantle fireplace lights toboggan

We just got the fireplace inspected and it’s cleared for use and open for business. If only we had snow… The cozy factor is about to go up to 11 in here.

Broken stocking hanger

I broke the stocking hanger’s boot. That was the hook for the stocking 🙁 I super glued it back, and then Joe broke the other one. Poor Santas. It’s a rough job.

Christmas decorations pot fake plants

I found this pot for $2 at a local consignment shop and those grass things at the Dollar Tree.

Christmas decor garland

Grand total : $5 And I found the wooded wall plaque at a thrift shop as well for a couple bucks. I adore it.

Christmas decor garland

Our humble little mistletoe. I wanted to get a photo under it for Christmas cards, but maybe next year.

Christmas decor garland tree

So there’s the living room. We’ve added more layers of Christmas since then.

Christmas decorations kitchen

Into the kitchen

Christmas decorations kitchen

Plenty of counter space and cupboard space for decorating.

bamboo Christmas tree

My little Charlie Brown Christmas bamboo

bamboo Christmas tree

Stand up tall and proud, little buddy!

bamboo Christmas tree

I’m smitten.

Christmas decor kitchen

The snowflake is kind of obstructing our headspace, but I like it. Michael said he hit it and it knocked glitter into his cereal bowl. But he still ate it, and it tasted the same. Everything’s better with glitter, right?

Christmas wall decor

One more wooden Christmas Santa.

Christmas decor bathroom

I splurged a little bit and bought a couple gold and white hand towels, because why not?

Christmas decor bathroom

Guilty pleasure. I know they will probably get dirty, but they felt so cozy. And on sale.

Christmas decor bathroom

And we have a new bathroom attendant. Have you met him yet?

What’s your favorite way to get into the holiday spirit?

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