Greeting Card Wall Art




We got so many nice and beautiful cards from you guys, we couldn’t let them go to waste or hide them in a box for all of eternity. They needed to be displayed! And displayed they shall be.

Welcome Wall Art

Step 1

Start with a blank picture frame. I got this simple glass frame from Hobby Lobby for $9.99 and it was half off. I just discovered that store, guys! If I’m MIA for a few days, you’ll know where to find me. In Christmas land, Halloween Land, and DIY land, all within an aisle apart.


blank poster

Step 2

Arrange greeting cards in an aesthetically pleasing combination within the frame. (Some trimming was required). You could easily do this in a shadow box, too.


greeting cards house warming


Step 3

Trim cards and secure them in place. Snap the glass back on top and hang the poster!


greeting cards collage

Step 4

Sit back and enjoy.




There you have it. I changed it a bit after this. Now it’s juuuust right.






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