Vday 2015


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day

While we’re not huge fans of Hallmark holidays, we do like to celebrate special occasions in our own way. I’m big on spending quality time together, so I figured there was no better time to sign Joe up for some volunteer activities. Hey, that was my Valentine’s Day wish.

Leah and Joe volunteering Cheerful Givers

As his first day on the job, Joe got a fresh new tee. I think yellow is your new color, Joe! Lookin’ good. You can read more about it on the Cheerful Givers’ blog.

Valentine's Day pot pies heart DIY

We also got some customized pot pie dinner. Thanks, Lora!

DIY Valentine's chocolate chip cookies heart

Followed by an ooey gooey dessert.

chocolate chip cookies DIY recipe heart-shaped

It’s probably the one time a year I make chocolate chip cookies.

Cutie Pie Crafts

I realized I didn’t have any Valentine’s Day themed decorations! WHaaa. I found a couple pre-Vday clearanced things at Joanne Fabrics that I wanted to play around with.

DIY Valentine's Day craft chalk board heart

First was this slate heart. It’s a chalkboard, but I thought it would look cool with paint.

painting chalk board heart DIY Valentine craft

I luckily had just enough white paint to make pink! And I used my high-tech fingernail to etch our initials in.

DIY Valentine heart craft

Ta dah! It fits oh so nicely on the wall.

DIY paint craft Valentine's Day wall art

Too bad it only lasted a week. Now, what about St. Patrick’s decorations?

DIY yarn wall art

Next was this plain wooden heart.

wooden heart DIY craft wall art heart

I started wrapping twine around it using a hot glue gun.

hot glue lace DIY wall heart art craft

And I had some lace trim from a demolished sweater to add.

DIY craft ribbon

I scrounged up some black ribbon…

DIY craft lace scrabble tile heart

and lace trim that was laying around.

DIY lace heart

I found a good angle and fixed the ribbon to the wood.

sweethearts DIY valentine's day craft

Remember that bamboo keyboard I had sitting around? I found a few uses. Here’s one.

What did you do? What are some St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas?



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  1. Love the photo of the two of you in the great yellow tees. Must have been a good photographer to capture the moment! And Cheerful Givers says a big “Thank You” for taking time from your precious Valentine’s Day to help recruit volunteers. You two are the best!

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