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Surf, Sand and Sun

Two out of three ain’t so bad for a Minnesota winter. We’re still pretty sad that Steve and Shila Bear moved out, but on the bright side, there’s a new room in Joe’s house. What was once a porch addition, because a four-season bedroom. Now it’s restored to a four-season porch! Or “sun room” as we’ve been affectionately calling it.

sun room photo

Come take a peek inside!

sun room renovation

So mysterious.

ceiling fan sun room

We’ll start the tour with the lovely fan and high ceilings.

four season porch bedroom

Joe took the TV from the main levelĀ and set it up down here.

home entertainment system sun room porch

Speakers, check. Movie, check.

living room

Since Steve took his couches back home, there was really no point having a TV on the main floor anymore. Not like we ever watched it. More room for foosball tournaments! Now what to do with this space…

four season porch lounge

It’s been slowly coming together. We’ve been keeping it unheated, using the space heater when inside. We’ve only been in here a handful of times.

what to do with a porch ideas

We added some cozy touches.

football game

So far, we’ve been using the room for work, games, and little Sunday football.

ideas for converting a porch sun room


Any other ideas for the “new” room?

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