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Bookshelf Hack

Not exactly a hack, but I’m using a bookshelf as shelving for pants. I have a bad habit of over-stuffing drawers full of my clothes, so I needed a remedy. Bingo – used bookshelf! It’s now an extension of my closet and dresser space. I swung by the Goodwill and snatched this up for the cool price of $3.99! I was hoping to find an old dresser that I could gut and refinish, but this thing is the perfect size and needs no work at all. Practically new. And for the price, I couldn’t say no.

bookshelf hack

With a little muscle power, we got it up the stairs.

clean closet

I officially cleaned out my closet.

closet shelving

It’s actually the *perfect* size for pants.

closet shelf storage

Annnd consider my New Year’s Resolutions accomplished.


before and after closet storage


before and after photo closet shelf

I love me a good before and after. Progress feels good. Notice how I kept the door shut? More work to do.

Is anyone else feeling the urge to organize right now? I have a major case of spring cleaning, about three months premature. I think I’m finally ready to pack away the Christmas tree. What are your New Year’s Resolutions? I should probably come up with a real one, huh?



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