Gingerbread House


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I absolutely love making gingerbread houses and try to build one every year! Last year I bought a kit, but after seeing this log cabin, I decided I should try making one myself! So I found a handy contractor and hired him and his cousin to help me out ­čÖé

At first, they were acting way too cool for such childish activities, but once I got started they kind of took over! The outcome wasn’t as picturesque as this, but there was joy in the process. And isn’t that what matters?

The Tools

I rounded up all the graham crackers, gumdrops, peppermint candies, hard candy, frosting, pretzel rods, and sprinkles I could find.

how to make a gingerbread house tools

We started with a big, dismantled cardboard box as the base.

pretzel rod gingerbread house

And the “logs” for our cabin. Joe kept stealing my building materials for his cheese dip…

skittles hard candies gingerbread house

Oh yea, and some year-old holiday Skittles.

sprinkles gingerbread house

And some snow and tree leaves.

The Inspiration

Good House Keeping magazine pretzel rod gingerbread house

Alright, so I started making it this way, but life took a turn and things got messy on our little cabin homefront.

Getting Started

icing a gingerbread house pretzels

We glued the foundation with powdered sugar icing. Then started stacking logs.

how to make a log cabin gingerbread house

Joe thought it would be more secure if we stacked them in an alternating way like this.

DIY log cabin gingerbread house

Good help is hard to find┬áthese days… I tell ya ­čśë

DIY gingerbread house pretzel rods

Too bad we couldn’t notch the pretzels out like a real log cabin. Just like Linkin’ Logs!

DIY frosting

Check out this unexpected detail ^

DIY gingerbread house pretzel how to

We stacked it pretty tall and realized we needed to brace the walls.

how to make gingerbread house log cabin pretzel rods

The graham crackers helped. Too bad we ran out.

The Roof

peppermint candy gumdrops pretzels

Don’t even look at me. This was all the boys’ idea. I wanted to use cardboard.

how to make a log cabin gingerbread house

From here on out, I was demoted to cement mixer. Filling orders of icing bags for the cause.

DIY gingerbread house log cabin

It was an ooey, gooey… masterpiece.

The Rest

Christmas craft ideas edible

Joe made a pretty neat gumdrop-lined pathway and I added the stepping stones.

DIY Christmas craft ideas

And what’s a cabin without a door? We used the last graham cracker and framed it with pretzel rods.

DIY pretzel rod gingerbread house

Joe insisted that everything must be edible, but I snuck the toothpick flags on.

DIY winter craft ideas

And there’s our log cabin/teepee/pyramid volcanic candy village. It tastes better than it looks, we promise. Some traditions must be carried on. No matter how messy, over-the-top or ridiculous. Mmmmm.

What’s YOUR favorite holiday┬átradition?

Another highlight from the weekend was shopping with my Gran and seeing an orchestra perform Christmas classics

Christmas carolling mall

And Joe got me this ­čÖé

gift wrap


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