Happy Thanksgiving!


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Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year again. The turkey, the touchdowns, the togetherness. Can you wait?! Well this year is probably not as crazy as last year, but I’m definitely looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.

Got the urge to bake some cookies for the big T-Day tomorrow? I’ve got two super simple styles for you. They’re both sugar cookies so you don’t even need to use two bowls. How great is that?

owl and pumpkin pie cookie

Pumpkin Pies

A simple bowl will work for cutting out circles. Or if you own a triangle cookie cutter, even better for you! I just have a pizza cutter. And hey, you could even make Santa hats out of some of them!

how to make Thanksgiving cookies

Roll out the dough, cut out circles, slice them 8 ways like a pizza, bake them, cool them

DIY owl cookies pumpkin pie slices

Then frost them.

baking Thanksgiving cookies

Then I piped the crust and dollop of whipped cream with icing.


The owls are much easier than they look. I found a couple of different ideas online, and combined the two. They are fairly easy and require zero frosting. I think they are way cuter than the pies and are much simpler to make.

First, roll out the sugar cookie dough and use a jar or anything circular for cutting out circles.

DIY owl cookies

Then fold in two sides of the circle to meet in the middle.

owl sugar cookies recipe

This part is optional but adds some awesome detail.

how to make owl sugar cookies

Sanitize a pen cap or something similar and repeatedly press in overlapping half-circle shapes to resemble feathers.

cute owl sugar cookies

You probably want to make the texture first, then tuck in the “wings”.

how to bake cookies owl shapes

Then, fold down the top. Keep the points to look like the owl’s ears.

creative cookie recipes

Next, press into the head to make big owl eyes.

how to make owl cookies

Then, add an almond sliver to become a beak.

fun DIY cookie ideas

Finally, take a fork and make a couple little nested feet.

make your own cookies

I tried a couple variations on this.

owl sugar cookies

And Joe offered his help. He decided to bend a fork so I could use just two prongs at once instead of four. It worked! Just imprinted them at an angle.

baking owl cookies fall ideas

Bake them and watch your owls grow.

That’s it! Not your typical sugar cookie, eh? Why should Christmas have all the fun, I say. Happy Thanksgiving everyone – Can’t wait to see most of you tomorrow and try some of your yummies. I am grateful for you 🙂





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