Good Things Come in 3’s (Part 3 of 3)


zucchini banana bread


Zucchini Banana Bread 3 Ways

I had a baking party not long ago and whipped up a bunch of bread. Ever since I tested my hand baking bread, I’ve wanted to expand my bread skills. I had a few types I wanted to try and just about enough zucchini for an army, thanks to my parents’ compulsive garden giving. I manage to wind up with a bag of vegetables after every visit. Thanks guys! But what to do with them all?

how to make zucchini bread banana bread recipe

I broke out the mandolin slicer and grated this giant zucchini.

zucchini bread recipe

Half was enough for 3+ loaves.

healthy bread recipes

I did a super healthy chocolate mix version with almond flour.

healthy chocolate zucchini bread recipe

Added dark cocoa powder

cocoa powder zucchini bread almond flour

And I always feel the need to toss in protein powder and flax to baked goods.

flax protein powder

I also made a healthier batch of whole wheat chocolate chip. (Left)

whole wheat chocolate chip bread

And another regular batch with white flour and full oil and sugar specs. (Right)

healthy chocolate zucchini banana bread recipe

Surprisingly, the white version turned out dry and not-so-great. But the other two are delicious! I used applesauce instead of oil for the first two and sweet leaf drops in place of sugar.

The Veggetti Review

Since I found and fell in love with the Inspiralized blog, I’ve been obsessed with using vegetable for all sorts of new things. So you can imagine my excitement when I won a Veggetti from Be Nice Box. Now, I had no idea what a Veggetti was; I’d been using an old apple corer to make noodles from veggies. It worked so-so.

veggetti review

Therefore, I was incredibly excited to get my hands on this. When I opened the package, it was much smaller than expected. Considering the zucchini were the size of my leg, the handheld Veggetti was just no match. I’m sure it works great for carrots or …carrots. But I’m more interested in spiralizing sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash and eggplant.

I think what I need is more like one of these bad boys.

veggetti zucchini

Here’s my fail photo. It got jammed up, and even Joe got really frustrated trying to use it.

Back to Bread

I just mixed and matched simple recipes I found online. Does anyone have a favorite zucchini or banana bread recipe to share? PS Happy October 1st – Anyone on board for Unprocessed October? Day 1 complete. While I was mixing up bread, Joe was mixing up something in the back yard. I have pictures and video to share when we get back home.

We’re writing from Seattle, WA right now. Joe is learning some software for work. (I’m just tagging along.) Wish him luck on classes the rest of the week!

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