Good Things Come in 3’s (1/3)


DIY food dehydration

Good Things Come in 3’s

They do! And I’m gonna make you guess the next two in my trio of trio posts.

I make great use of the food dehydrator – it’s so easy to cut up food and leave it for a couple days. Not to mention, it’s a healthy alternative to pre-packaged snacks. It does run up the electric bill a little bit tho…  Hey, anyone want to join me for Unprocessed October? The dehydrator will definitely come in handy! No added salt or sugar to these three snack recipes.

how to dehydrate fruit and vegetables DIY

Thing 1

This one was a new experiment for me. My parents had a bunch of tomatoes left, even after they made salsa. So I thought I’d try to make “sundried” tomatoes (minus the sun).

DIY sun dried tomatos

Sprinkled some Italian seasonings atop, and that’s it.

food dehydrator ideas

They are pretty yummy! Had them on spaghetti.

healthy snack ideas

Thing 2

This is what I did with my bag of apples from the orchard! I corer about ten apples through the apple corer, slices them and dried them. Just tossed on a little cinnamon.

DIY dehydrated apples cinnamon


Thing 3

This is a tried and true favorite of mine. I get two pineapples every week for work snacks.

dehydrated pineapple

how to make your own dried pineapple

sliced pineapple travel snack recipe trail mix

So there were my adventures in dehydration. I just wouldn’t combine things 1, 2 and 3 all in the same drying session next time. My pineapple taste a little zesty. Oops

healthy snack ideas

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    • You and me both! I’m really looking forward to the challenge – Can’t wait to get creative in the kitchen. The Bob’s Red Mill coupons will come in handy too! Thanks again 🙂

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