Fall Funsies


falling for you


Holy smokes- it’s only 2 weeks away! Are you ready for the cool down this week? It’s sure feeling fall to us. And that’s 100% ok. I’m a summer baby, converted fall aficionado. Loving the crisp air.

fall decor

I’m ok with fall, but are they selling Halloween costumes already? I draw the line here.

I don’t have any grand updates, but just some day-to-day stuff that I’ll fire off.


For instance, did you know it was Joe’s 5 year anniversary at work awhile ago?

work anniversary plaque

I just found this plaque and realized he was hired on my birthday. Weird, right? I can’t remember what I would have been doing on my 20th birthday. Anyone remember?


Anyhow, Congrats JoeJoe! You’re a productive adult member of society. (Check out that nasty burn on this finger. I’ll let him tell you that story.)

Change jar

We have trouble with coins floating around Joe’s house. There are several places that become culprits of coin loitering: The entry way, the former candy jar, pockets, laundry machines and the actual designated coin cup upstairs. So I decided to combine all the stowaways and take them in to be accounted for. And we can’t forget Joe’s candy machine! The bananas, hearts and M&M’s have probably paid for themselves in quarters.

cashing in spare change

I went to the bank with a giant jar of coins on a Friday night. Yep it was a wild night.

how to save money coin jar

It was a slow-going process, but eventually I weeded out the irregular objects.

irregular objects in coin machine sorting

Not sure how Euros or a drill bit ended up in there…

how to make money easy ways

But, hey not too shaby, eh?

St. Paul Classic

St. Paul Classic bike tour

Yesterday, I participated in the 20th annual St. Paul Classic bike tour with my mom, dad, brother and about 6,000 strangers from around the midwest. We started at the University of St. Thomas, went around the Mississippi River to the east through the state capitol and up north around lakes Phalen and Como. Then back west to the start.

St. Paul Classic bicycle tour annual

It was fun! Aside from Luke’s handlebars coming constantly undone. We stopped at 3 rest stops, scavenging for an allen wrench. I’m not sure how one’s handlebars can turn completely upside down, but he rode that way for a good portion of the tour!

Shwinn Collegiate vintage bike

My trusty old Shwinn Collegiate got me through the 30 mile trek. Our legs are all a bit jiggly today, but it was worth it.

Air Purifier

Summer allergies are fading away luckily. But for me, I seem to cough and blow my nose most in the winter, when air is recirculated. I’ve been meaning to get one of these for work and now I’ve finally chosen one and made the purchase!

Holmes air purifier HEPA filter

I picked up this Holmes air purifier at Target. It’s midrange — about $60, but I had $10 off and another %10 I think.

best air purifier brands

Fits nicely on my desk and it’s very quiet.

air purifier for work air quality

It’s got three settings and a UV ionizer. Slick, no? So far, so good! We’ll see if there’s improved health this winter.

sympathy flowers

I want to just thank everyone who’s expressed their sympathy and given such kindness since my grandma’s died. It’s encouraging to know we have a great support system in all circumstances 🙂

back to school reading envy reading list

As for this week, I have a lot of reading to catch up on! I think I have a case of back-to-school envy.

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  1. Debs

    THAT’s what that thing is on your desk. I was like…”When did she get a desktop?”

    I’m sorry I didn’t hear about your grammy. If she’s half as nice and genuine as you, she was probably pretty awesome. God bless <3

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