Hot Tub Speakers


how to install hot tub speakers

 Turn Down For What?

What, the neighbors called? Oh ok, we better turn down.

In full disclosure, we did this way back in October. Some of the details of the process are a bit fuzzy in my memory, but I’m sure Joe could replicate it in his sleep. This is by far one of the most-used spaces of the house (yard). So the speakers were a huge upgrade.

If anyone wants to listen to music outside, they only need to bluetooth their phone or mp3 player to the sound system. You can even leave the phone indoors — safe from the water. Volume control is an arm’s length away. Nice for the wintertime. We did this all in one night, so bare with me on the documentation. Should have taken notes, goshdangnit!

pyle 400 watt outdoor waterproof speakers

Started with a standard outdoor pair of speakers.

outdoor speakers volume control and junction box

And a volume control switch and junction box.

how to DIY outdoor speakers

This is where things get pretty hazy for me.

wiring speakers how to

Joe wired everything up with waterproof wire casing, and we mounted the volume box.

how to mount volume box

Sometime that night we dug a trench below ground and ran the wire to the house.

dig trench run electrical wire

Here’s the gist of the volume box. It stays dry.

how to keep speakers dry

And we ran the wire down the fence and covered it with a plastic cable channel.

how to run wire plastic cable channel

Then wired it to the house.



how to wire outdoor speakers

Here are the tools we used inside.

tools to install outdoor speakers

Drill a nice hole to feed the speaker wire through the kitchen cabinet. But first…

where to run outdoor speaker wire inside house

Rewind. Remove all glassware from kitchen cabinet. Ugh.

how to hide speaker wire in kitchen cupboards and cabinets

Now drill the hole and have a vacuum handy.

drill and vacuum speakers

Yes, the audio box goes here.

where to install audio box for speakers

Not a pretty sight.

how to install indoor outdoor speakers

This was pre-haircut Joe hahah.


running electrical speaker wire

I’m no electrician, so again, ask Joe on this one.

wiring speakers through kitchen cabinets

We ran one cable from the wireless soundbar to the outdoor speakers.

kitchen LED lighting

Yes, in the kitchen cupboard.

Back Outside

mounting hot tub speakers

Here comes the fun part.

outdoor speaker wire

Turning on the power!

hiding power source for outdoor speakers

And then digging a trench and hiding the power source.

Next Day

hot tub speaker volume box wall mount

Here’s the finished product!

How to DIY outdoor speakers for your backyard

 And I can finally post photos about it almost a year later.

Have any hot tub adventures to share?

Who know they were so inexpensive? Just search Craigslist for old ones if you know how to fix them like Joe. I’m sure some Youtube tutorials can help if you’re a fast learner. And the speakers are definitely worth the trouble.

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