Movie Room Roundup


movie room updates

Little Updates, Big Difference

Well this room has certainly come a long way since it was here:

how to make soffits

And although, we’re not bonafide soffit Jedi yet,

how to frame a doorway

we have done quite a bit of framing.

DIY frame a doorway

Maybe eventually we can even make this:

clouds soffits ceiling

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

The Sound

movie entertainment center cubes

We made a few changes to the setup. Don’t mind the movie mess. This is on the declutter to-do list. But we want to mention the extra speakers we tucked away.

how to install surround sound speakers home theater system DIY

There are the surround sound speakers up front, and a couple big ones in back.

hiding speaker wire

There wasn’t a great place for them, until we thought to add them to the cube cubby!

IKEA hacks storage cubby speakers

The speakers are pretty big, so we had to take out the divider to put each into two spaces. Drilled some holes in the back and called it a day! Sorry I don’t have an “after” picture here.

The Skyline

city skyline wall art lights

Joe’s Dad’s friend makes these out of metal! How cool, right?

Of course Joe put some LED lights underneath.

The Sweethearts

Goodwill portrait

This picture has a good story.

Goodwill finds

Joe and his friend Will got it from Goodwill for about $3. Joe brought it home and I was surprised by just how much it looked like the two of us. I expected it to be just a small frame, but it’s about 4’x2′!

Dumb and Dumber poster

Any we can’t forget this lovely gem in Steve’s bathroom.


shelf and keys

Meet our quaint little key rack from YHL‘s Target collection. I was so excited to get this!

entryway organization key storage

It’s been very useful — constantly juggling 4+ vehicles into limited parking spaces.


kitchen tablet ipad holder cooking

Joe found this cool tablet clamp for the kitchen – It snaps right onto the cupboard.

reading recipes and listening to music while cooking

For how much I reference recipes and listen to music while I cook, this is a lifesaver…       I think he knows me 😉

Last Little Update

pitbull puppy love

Have you met this little thing yet?

cute pitbull puppy

Not sure how she spells her name, but the phonetic is [Shy-luh] She’s roommate Steve’s 6 month year old pitbull pup. An absolute sweetheart! She’s almost completely potty trained. She’s even learning to mind her manners with the bunnies.

Anyone else excited for spring cleaning?

2 thoughts on “Movie Room Roundup

  1. Love the pics!! That goodwill pic does look like you two!! You guys are so ingenious!! So we like the pup and she’s staying? She is super cute!! Carl said the go carts got new paint too?? Awesome! Keep up the good work!!

    • All true! Steve is doing a really great job with her. She’s the house darling. I’ve tried to get a photo of the carts but they’re never stationary hahah

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