A Blanket Butler


warm blanket please blanket butler


May I interest you in a blanket sir or madam?

“Why yes, I think I’ll take a pillow as well Edgar.”


At Your Service

If only it could fluff up your pillow too… Maybe when the robots take over.

blanket storage

Anyhow, Joe had a slick idea to use this wall for a blanket rack. It cleans up the movie room clutter for one. And it lets people choose his/her own blanket from the wall of fleece and cotton. I’m affectionately calling it Edgar from this point on. It’s been useful so far! And we can still use that nook for storage. (Where Joe the vacuum hides). Two cheers for multi-purposing space!


The Before & After

before and after blanket storage

Here’s how we got from here ^

DIY blanket racks

To here ^

pvc piping easy ideas

Buy some standard pvc piping. (That wood is for the next project, so ignore for now!)

pvc piping storage ideas

Measure out the pipe to fit within the wall space

rustoleum spray paint pvc plastic piping

Cut and spray all the pieces to match

spray paint rustoleum ideas

Wait very patiently for everything to dry

how to DIY a blanket storage rack

Tick tock Tick tock

level and hang blanket brackets

Level and install the six end pieces that will hold the three bars (in a tiered pattern)

Closet Max closet socket

We used these Closet Max closet sockets. Ours came in white. You can buy them in chrome or black, but we decided to spray paint them all to match the bars.

easy blanket storage decluttering ideas

Put the bars in place

easy decluttering blankets

Cascading top to bottom made sense to us

easy blanket storage ideas

Then just hang your warm fuzzies! And take down your wet paint sign 😉

how to make blanket storage easy DIY project

Ta Dah!

Come for movie night?

Movie night is about to get a whole lot comfier! Obviously we had this concave space to work with, but it could also work with a flush wall. I imagine it would look like larger hand towel holders. Anywhere in your house where you have creative stored things? Or does anyone else have a weird nook that they’re not sure what to do with? I bet we could think of a few ways to convert it for you…

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