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Aren’t there things you wish you had a say in designing? Like your office chair that never reclines far enough, or your quirky front door that needs to be shut just right for it to lock. Or that your coffee pot would start brewing your morning mocha (aka starter fluid) on a schedule each morning? Maybe it’s just for your family to have access to one calendar; everyone can update it on-the-go.

Is your work space uncomfortable? Here’s a clue: Your body hurts and you’re getting back, neck or wrist pain. Here’s my personal pet peeve: tables and counters are too low.


Life hacking is one of my favorite things to research. There are a bunch of resources out there on home improvements, space efficiency, money saving tips, and general productivity and happiness.

Here’s a crazy video of a NYC apartment: 

  They fit eight rooms into 350 square feet!

Your House, Your Rules

Most of those things I asked you about are totally customizable, we just get set in our habits. We work around all the minor inconveniences throughout the day. And frankly, we don’t get around to making easy changes or we settle for what we’re handed. What’s with that?…Let’s bend the rules a little bit here. After all, one lifestyle does not fit all. Cookie cutter design rarely pleases anyone. If it was your world, how would you modify it? I for one, am raising all the tabletops. Hear hear! I know, such a rebel.

So what are some of your pain points around the house? Maybe we can rig up a solution.

Go ahead, jailbreak your phone. Put your bed on hydraulics. Make a zipline to the neighbor’s house. Connect your shower to your wine cellar. We’re not here to judge. Life’s too short not to make it your own.

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