Our Winter Games


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Goodbye Sochi

The Olympics are over. Sniffle Sniffle. It seems like just yesterday we were watching the closing ceremonies. Oh, yea that was yesterday. We didn’t get to watch too much of the games, but we’ve definitely been making winter memories of our own. I wanted to showcase some of our winter highlights before it’s gone. It’ll be spring before we even know it. This past weekend I went to the RedBull downhill skating event, fondly called Crashed Ice. It’s becoming a Minnesotan tradition! Joe spent his weekend swimming with manatees and baking in the sun. But we’ll save that story for later…


Crashed Ice 2014



Thanksgiving Onward

But let’s rewind to the beginning of winter, because a lot of fun things have happened!


We had our first ever Friendsgiving at Chris’ apartment.


We all brought a dish to share and piled into Chris’ tiny apt. Chris made an amazing turkey. Brined in Grain Belt Premium for a few days. That’s got tradition written all over it.


Joe and Leah Christmastime

There was the Macy’s 8th floor holiday display

Macy's Christmas scene

Downtown Minneapolis, 8th floor

big tree

Holidazzle parade

and the last ever Holidazzle parade.

Road trip

Then there was a snowy road trip to Duluth

Jazz Concertto see my brother’s last ever jazz concert.

Along with a big light gallery

Bentlyville Characters

Known in Duluth as Bentleyville

Britta and Joe

Joe and Britta


Can you guess which one was Joe’s favorite?


We rang in the new year with dinner with some of my friends. Then Joe got to have some DJ fun.

white ornaments

I’m pretty excited about all the Christmas ornaments I got! A bunch of white ones.

Camping gear

Just getting excited to use our Christmas gifts! The camping essentials.

Crashed Ice 2012

Crashed Ices of Redbulls past. 2012 was a little more fun.

RedBull Crashed Ice 2012 Crashed Ice 2012 2Anything else this winter that we need to see? Anyone on vacation or have fun ideas before winter ends? I really want to try snow kiting. It’s a combo on wind surfing and snowboarding. And I also really want to check out the Apostle Islands of Bayfield, WI – have you seen the caves?



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