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Tool Bench Graphic

Showin’ Some Love

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let me share some of the amazingly sweet things Joe does for me on a regular basis:

  • Starts my car when it’s cold
  • Makes me [the best] homemade soup when I’m sick
  • Listens to all my ideas,  even  especially the crazy ones
  • Charges my phone first when we’re down to one charger
  • Asks my opinion
  • Gives me 100+ kisses per day

The list goes on.  I’m allowed to brag about him today, it’s in the Valentine’s Day code.

You know you are loved when he gives up half his bathroom to accommodate your beauty routine. A lot Most of my personal stuff has slowly crept over to Joe’s house, so it naturally needed a place to store itself. He actually bought me this hair dryer one day out of the blue. (Although it sometimes ends up in the garage…)

Joe’s Wall Mount

Here’s where it all started… I have a habit of doing my hair and leaving my tools on the countertop to cool. I always unplug them, I just don’t give them time to cool off and put away in the morning. Fair enough, right? Here’s a way for me to hang them up to cool without risking burning anything or anyone. 100% his idea. I didn’t object!


Joe made blueprints

Here are Joe’s blueprints. I didn’t see until just now what he named my flat iron straightener. Does that read “clamper”? Or “clammer” maybe? 😉


Shelf Goes Here

he gets started by taking down the shelf we spent so long installing.  And playing with some heat-resistant surfaces.

Joe's vision in action

Luckily we had a bunch of these ceramic tiles leftover from Ax-Man Surplus. I thought we might find a use for them somewhere.

Ax-Man Surplus

And they were a bargain.


We played with these both horizontally and vertically. And ended up liking this orientation best.

For scaleFor scale, here’s what we had in mind. Except mounted on the wall, not the floor.

We headed over to Fleet Farm, and luckily found some tile adhesive. We also checked out the hardware selection for knobs and handles. We thought of options for hanging them, and settled on brass knobs. Here are a few examples. I chose two decorative circles and a plain one.

Decorative Knobs

 We glued the bottom three to the wall and had to think outside the box for the last tile.

Joe ended up drilling into them to anchor the three knobs. Quite a tedious job!


Here’s the final product.

I use this (almost) all the time! It’s a great way to use the wall space beneath the shelf and looks pretty cool too. If you find yourself with limited drawer space and some extra tools you like at-the-ready, I recommend coming up with some creative and practical storage like this. I appreciate how thoughtful Joe is. We’re probably working on some projects tonight, in true fashion. A little dinner, movie and shop date. We have some exciting ones coming up! What’s everyone else doing for VDay?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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