Snowboard Ramps



Snow Day = Joe Day

Does anything make this kid happier than an afternoon of snowboarding? I honestly don’t think so. It was so gorgeous Sunday afternoon (yesterday). We needed to be outside. No photo retouching necessary. So. Much. Sunlight.

Happy place

We have a little construction zone going on, courtesy of Will’s backyard.

Construction zoneHere’s the view from the top of the ramp.

For scale

And for scale, here is what the boys have been working on.

For what you ask?


Here’s another one for you guys.

Down below

Should we take you on a tour of the park?

Going upCome on up!


Watch your step, please. This is not structurally sound.

To the leftTo the left, you’ll see boxes, shovels, and a snowblower

Rails to the rightAnd over to the right, you’ll notice a rail

Built from boxesIf you’re wondering what we’re standing upon – This.


Joe and Will sporting lovely hair nets in the juice factory.

A bunch of juice pallets and pieces of plywood held together for this makeshift deck/ramp.

JuicyYep, we’re standing on pear juice boxes. Mmmm, juicy.


Joe the Giant, about to stomp on the snowblower and crush the town!

Anyway, back to the jump. Looks mighty fluffy down there.

Work to do

And there’s more work to do downstairs

Blowin'Like this!

And thisHe’s packing a transfer table while the snow is still pliable.


Once it’s packed, you take the plywood out. And just like magic, it’s a table top.

So here’s the finished product:

Perfect for riding. Front or backside.

Hit it

So how ’bout let’s see that rail, eh Joe


The snow is getting a little melty here, but tomorrow the course will freeze. So you’ve asked what Joe’s been doing. Here is his masterpiece. We’ll be seeing more of the snowboard ramp I’m sure. He’s also fixed his snowmobile so maybe we’ll have some adventures on the trail. As early as next weekend.

What a winter wonderland we live in!

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