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New Works of Art

Ok, not the finest art but hey. I like simple pick-me-ups. I spotted these mini canvases, where else but at Menards. I was just rummaging through them and found 2 that I just couldn’t leave without. Actually 3, but I made myself choose just two.

And then later regretted leaving the one behind… It was a really cute pink orchid flower that I wanted for my desk. (Since I’ve managed to kill my real orchid flower.) It was the last canvas, so I put it out front and center — Hoping that some other lucky lady could enjoy it.

So naturally I had to go back for it. And naturally it was sold. To console myself, I ended up getting a couple more… But who’s counting? They were on clearance for $2.99, so no real damage done.

Moral of the story: when in doubt, bring it home. That’s what receipts are for!

Menards art sale

It was love at first sight.



This was the one originally for my desk, but Joe wanted it in his room really badly.

Bathroom angled

The bathroom needed something, so I consulted with Joe. The roommates at least don’t hate it!

Bathroom with handtowel

Since the remodel, it was looking ready for some beach art.

Adirondacks close up

I promised not to get carried away with sailboats and shells, but I thought the adirondack chairs went with the North Shore beach vibe. It’s a little crisp like the weathered birch shower tile.  I like that it’s monochromatic. Cool Minnesota beach vs tropical ocean setting.

Orchid canvas

Here’s what the orchid one looked like that I was after. I had my heart set on it… I tried three different stores. Yes, I realize I spent more on gas money than the painting price.

Downward Spiral Begins


Yes No

Then I wondered if this would be good in the bathroom too! I returned it after concluding, indeed, it was too much beach goin’ on in there.

2 Canvases

I wondered if either of these two would work, but they’re a little boring.

Here’s the conversation, to be exact:

Toilet talks


I did get these ones. The left for a friend, and the right TBD. I didn’t think the boys would appreciate the hearts in the bathroom. I pride myself on not girling up Joe’s house…    (too much)

Wine and Canvas at Work


Wine and canvas party


Here’s a peek at our paintings from work. We had a team outing to do Wine and Canvas.

me wine and canvas crop

An instructor took us through the steps of a painting; this one called “Starry Night, St. Paul”      They all turn out the same, just a little different. It’s a ton of fun!

Attic office art

I donated my canvas to Joe and he put it up in the attic office. hahaha.



Attic artwork


I told you, it’s all about the cheap thrills.

Bathroom ArtOh, P.S. Do you like what we have going on with the little shelf? I promised I wouldn’t go overboard with the beach theme, but a little Hawaiian febreeze never hurt anyone. Oh man, I need to stop decorating.



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