Tiny Touch-ups


It really is in the details.

All in the detailsWe have been elected to host Joe’s family Thanksgiving this year! Very exciting! And a bit overwhelming, when I think about 50+ guests, but mostly exciting. Joe and I decided to start getting the house in shape for this first ever Thanksgiving feast, so we tackled a few little projects that were on the back burner.¬†

Here’s our short list:

  • Clean walls
  • Replace chair leg sliders
  • Sand and paint laundry room
  • Touch-up entry way paint

The Magic Erasers work wonders, so that’s a quick n’ easy ongoing task. We noticed the chairs were starting to scratch up the hard wood in the kitchen, eek! So we bought a pack of felt stick-ons.

felt backers

classy tee-shirt Joe

Next, the laundry room needed some work. Joe popped a 1/4″ wood panel over the exposed drywall and I went to town sanding and painting over the entire thing. The panel didn’t match; it looked like a granny’s house, but we painted over everything.

laundry room walls


walls after

much better

And finally, we had a couple big spots to repaint in the entry way. Joe’s movie room soffits had some spill over putty across the ceiling. More on that later.

Leah painting

sand and paint

When I went to grab the green paint we used, it was completely separated. Like curds and whey. It was really chunky, so we hit up Home Depot to get another quart of the semi-gloss.

entry way

up top

¬†Although these aren’t the sexiest of the projects, it’s a step in the right direction. Every day is one day closer to Thanksgiving! Now for the fun projects.

How are you prepping for the holidays? Or is it still too early?

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