Dirty Laundry


Move over, clean clothes! Easy access hamper is moving in.

final product: clothes hamper

We may have underestimated this project. What started as a quick little idea ended up taking a few hours. A lot of tweaking was involved. But it turned out great, so it was all worth it! The closet between the upstairs bathroom and bedroom was only half useful. The top half holds towels, but the bottom was becoming a junk collection for light bulbs and small spare parts. And board games we never play. We tried playing Monopoly once… that’s a whole other story… So Joe ripped out the shelves and rigged up this! Not too bad, eh? Here’s how it started:

Base of hamper

We pulled all the junk and fitted a 3/4 inch 2×2 piece of pine board for the base.


junk ^

And then Joe made a frame for some joists and screwed them to the face of the unhinged cabinet doors:


Won’t need these hinges anymore. Too bad there’s no longer a junk drawer for them!

into cubby


3 tracks added. We originally tried 4, one in each corner, but three in a tripod assortment was way smoother.

And now the end product: DSC01943See those handles on the basket? That liner actually comes out and I can just pull the bag of dirties right out of the drawer. We found ours at Home Goods, but shortly after discovered that Target sells it for about $5 less.

What do you think? Any functional ideas that have improved your day-to-day? My next idea was to have a bottom stair storage like this, but we’ll see.

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